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Level Up Your Effortless Beauty Routine with a BAM Membership!

Who has hours to spare these days on washing, blowing out, and styling their hair or watching makeup tutorials to get a daily, Instagram-worthy look? Between our jobs, family, friends, and everything else, it's tough for the average woman to carve out a bunch of time for beauty routines. But we still want to look and feel amazing, am I right? 

So, what's the solution for looking fab without spending half your day in front of the mirror? Make weekly trips to your local salon for blowouts, styling, and makeup for your new self-care ritual. If that sounds impossible to you, don’t worry, at BAM Blowouts and Makeup in Dallas, Texas, we have salon membership solutions that lets you reap the benefits of our perfectionism with weekly visits for our blowouts, and makeup services.


Our Hair Stylists Are Pros Expertly Trained In The Latest Hair and Makeup Techniques

Whether you’re obsessed with the latest fashion trends in Paris or just want a professional look  for your favorite hair and makeup style, our salon experts have you covered from the moment you waltz through our doors.

Our stylists and makeup artists know all the latest hair and makeup trends and tips, so you don't have to research them yourself. Our expertise ensures we’re trained on all the hottest celebrity and runway looks. 

When it comes to makeup, we know all the new techniques, whether you want a natural glam or to go full bombshell. Even if your makeup mood changes every other week, our makeup artists at BAM have you covered.

When you get a membership with us, you can come in whenever you want and simply tell your hair stylist or makeup artist the vibe you're going for. They'll know exactly how to make it happen. Who knew that achieving the latest look could be that enjoyable and easy?! 

Products and Tools for Flawless Results

Let's be real, the products and tools at the salon are way better than what most of us have at home. 

At BAM, we pull no punches and have every makeup color, product, and hair tool for smoother blowouts and makeup that won't budge. 

Our investment in the latest products and tools leaves you perfectly polished with a look that can be tough to create on your own without our vast beauty arsenal.

When you have a BAM membership, you can take advantage of our skill and professional-grade products when you want to create a beautiful runway-worthy look in a fraction of the time it would take to attempt it yourself.


Hair and Makeup For Any Occasion

With weekly visits, you'll show up looking like the IT girl for whatever's on your calendar. Late for a date? Your stylist can give you loose, romantic waves in minutes. Got a big meeting? Sleek and straight hair with bold eyes says you mean business. Girlsc Night Out? Bouncy curls and a bright pop of lip color will make you stand out.

Whatever the occasion, our blowout and makeup application services will leave you looking on point and polished thanks to your BAM membership hookup. Skipping the hours it would take to do your own blowout and makeup means more time to enjoy the event and focus on the people, not your appearance.

Salon Membership Provides Value and Convenience

Now, salon services can definitely add up. But check this out! BAM Blowouts & Makeup has memberships and bundles that make your visits more than worth it. You pay one monthly fee for whatever services you want most. We even have a Boujie membership with unlimited blowouts, makeup, lashes!. Game changer, right?

We make booking and looking great so easy! All you have to do is schedule at one of our locations, walk in, get fab. Our lash specialists, blowout experts and makeup artists always ensure you get pampered by the pros who make you look and feel ah-mazing. 

No more spending precious time washing, drying, and styling your hair or watching makeup tutorials and practicing difficult techniques. With on-demand salon visits covered by your BAM membership, you skip the DIY beauty drudgery and get self-care and glam all in one!

Rediscover The Beauty Parlor Weekly Salon Ritual

Back in the day, weekly salon visits were a ritual for elegant ladies. These visits were as American as apple pie, but over time, self-care became less likely during a busy schedule. 

With BAM's membership, we can bring back that necessary weekly self-care pampering without breaking the bank. Step into our beauty bar, enjoy a glass of champagne and let us pamper you as our guest of honor. Schedule an added bonus of a scalp massage or deep conditioning to boost the pleasurable experience of you time all while having our professional artists handle all the details of achieving your desired look. 


Get Glamorous With BAM Blowouts and Makeup

In our fast-paced world, finding time for beauty and self-care isn't always easy. But with weekly salon services, you can look and feel your best for any occasion without spending hours in front of the mirror or thousands on ever-changing product lines over the years. 

At BAM Blowouts and Makeup, we make looking your best easy with our memberships.

So why not rediscover the beauty parlor glam modernized with BAM? A standing appointment for blowouts, makeup, or any beauty services you love helps you present your most confident, stylish self to the world while saving your precious personal time and resources. You deserve to put your self-care front and center!

See you soon gorgeous!


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