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Our philosophy is simple. At BAM, we use only the finest quality products, tools and most talented artists to produce the best blowouts and makeup service customized for you. 


With our exclusive membership and bundle options, you can receive the benefits of BAM's award winning services on a regular basis so that looking and feeling your best is not just for special occasions, but part of your consistent self care routine. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the BAM family.

See you soon gorgeous! 

BESTIE 2 blowouts  $90 p/m*

BAE 4 blowouts  $175 p/m*

BOUNDLESS   Unlimited blowouts   $425 p/m*

BLOSSOM 2 bespoke makeups  $175 p/m*

BEGUILED 4 bespoke makeups  $350 p/m*

BELOVED Unlimited makeups  $975p/m*

BEDAZZLED 2 blowouts + 2 makeup $255 p/m*

BRILLIANT 4 blowouts + 4 makeups $525 p/m*

BOUJIE   Unlimited blowouts + makeup  $1395 p/m*

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