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Achieve Paris Fashion Week Glam With BAM

The 2024 Paris Fashion Week brought some of the most exciting and innovative makeup and hairstyles we've seen in years. Fashion Week gives us a glimpse into the upcoming trends that will likely make their way into mainstream fashion and beauty. 

This year's standout looks featured bold, dramatic makeup with perfectly coiffed hair to match. Let's look at some of the top styles on display and how you can achieve similar looks yourself with the help of BAM Blowouts And Makeup.

Make Your Eyes Stand Out With BAM’s Makeup Application

One of the most popular makeup trends was the graphic eye look. Many models sported bold, graphic shapes around the eyes in bright pops of color. 

Peter Philips of Dior moved the smokey eye look from the upper eyelid to the lower lash line. This smudge creates a theatrical effect that turned heads during Fashion Week.

Smokey looks weren’t the only rage! Givenchy brought a punky eye style that blended simplicity with a pop of elegance. Eyeliner around the eyes, blended at the corners, with gold and silver finish to make the look stand out; we couldn’t think of a better way for your eyes to be the focal point of any conversation you have on your next girls' night out.

To get this look yourself, visit BAM Blowouts And Makeup and have us create a customized graphic eye with precision makeup application.

Need a Hint of Color? BAM’s Got Your Back!

Mame Kurogouchi opted for a more vibrant look than the dark, smokey Dior and Pat McGrath approach at Fashion Week. Kurogouchi utilized blue, shimmering inner and outer corners of the eyes that added a touch of color a gorgeous, modern look needs (in our opinion)!

At BAM, if it’s color you want, it’s color you’ll get, gorgeous! We offer every color possible on our online store and have several color options available in-store at our Dallas, Texas, location. All you have to do is finish up your walk on the katy trail, grab your coffee in West Village, and waltz through our front door, and step into a world of color, passion, and, above all, fashion. 

Our makeup artists are ready to point you towards your new look that you can figure out in-store and work on perfecting at home, or return to us for a professional touch-up before your next big Dallas date night.

Parisienne Glam Hair in the Heart of Dallas, Texas

When it comes to hair, slicked-back buns were the sleek look of choice. Models strutted down the catwalk with elegant low buns and pinned-up braided designs. 

This polished hair references ballet buns but with a modern edge. To get this look, schedule a blowout at BAM. Our blow-dry services will leave your hair smooth and shiny. Then, we’ll simply sweep your hair neatly back and secure it in a low bun or braid. With the flawless foundation of a BAM blowout, it’s easy to recreate Alexander McQueen and Schiaparelli's elegant updos and braids. 

Of course, voluminous curls and blowouts also had a strong showing. Whether bouncy ringlets or glossy waves, big hair ruled the runway. BAM’s blowout services can shape hair into a voluminous body and bounce that you couldn’t achieve just anywhere. 

Whether you want that 1960s style blowout from Lanvin that looks like you just elegantly brushed your hand through your hair for the perfect look, or you want a half-up, half-down look that the models at Courreges sported, we’re up for taking the look from the runway to you.

Blowouts are our passion, and we have every tool in our arsenal to help you leave our Dallas salon feeling ready to waltz onto the next catwalk.

Keep Up With the Latest Trends With BAM’s Monthly Membership!

While dramatic hair and makeup looks may seem intimidating, BAM makes it easy to keep up with the latest trends. Our monthly membership program gives you unlimited blowout and makeup application services that let you become a fashion chameleon, turning heads with each new look. 

You can change your look each month and achieve runway styles with expert help—no need to invest money and time into recreating the trends at home. With BAM, you show up and leave looking like you just stepped out of a professional hair and makeup trailer.

Starting at just $90 per month, you can gain access to multiple blowout and makeup application visits from some of the best stylists and makeup artists in Dallas, Texas. No more wasting hours trying to make the perfect look happen. We’re here to help you get it right in the most enjoyable atmosphere every time you step through our doors.

An Appointment at BAM Makes Everyday Elegance a Reality

Paris Fashion Week may feature seemingly unattainable looks on the runway. But BAM makes high fashion beauty accessible in real life. Our artists are passionate about making clients look and feel their best. 

Each appointment begins with a consultation to understand your style and customize the look accordingly. Whether you want to channel an edgy graphic eye or embody elegance with a polished updo, BAM has you covered. High fashion is attainable when you have a team of experts helping bring your vision to life.

Schedule your next appointment and see how BAM's services give you the freedom to achieve any beauty look you desire. You may not be able to attend fashion week, but with BAM, you'll always look runway-ready.

Perfect Your Look Today, With BAM Blowouts and Makeup

Embrace bold, trendy styles with help from the experts at BAM Blowouts And Makeup. Our blowout and makeup expertise opens up a world of beauty possibilities. Will you channel an edgy graphic liner for a night out? Or embrace soft feminine curls for a weekend brunch? Let your inner fashionista shine through. 

Bring the magic of fashion week to your life with the beauty routine of your dreams at BAM. What look will you try next? Book your next appointment today.

See you soon, gorgeous!


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