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Gorgeous Bridal Hair and Makeup Glam

As a bride-to-be, one of the most exciting aspects of your wedding planning journey is envisioning your dream bridal look. From the flawlessly styled hair to the stunning makeup application that accentuates your natural beauty, every detail contributes to your overall radiance on your special day. 

With the ever-evolving trends in bridal hair and makeup, it's essential to find a trusted team of professionals who can bring your vision to life. 

BAM Blowouts and Makeup, a premier blow dry bar and makeup salon in Plano helps you discover and achieve the most alluring bridal hair and makeup ideas for 2024.


Glowing and Natural Makeup

Listen up, gorgeous brides-to-be! The natural “quiet luxury” makeup look is where it's at for 2024. This effortlessly chic trend is all about embracing your unique beauty and letting your natural glow shine through with an opulent twist without looking like you’re trying too hard- you’re just that stunning naturally. 

At BAM Blowouts and Makeup, our makeup artists are professional experts at enhancing your radiance with a fresh, flawless finish. They'll expertly sculpt those cheekbones, make your eyes pop, and achieve an overall luminous vibe, all while keeping things lightweight and natural-looking. The result? 

A stunning picture perfect bridal beat that will make you strut down the aisle with confidence feeling like the ultimate gorgeous goddess you truly are. Trust BAM’s makeup application services to unlock the bridal makeup look of your dreams on your big day and for the pictures that will last a lifetime!


Sparkling Hues In Your Total Look

If you're obsessed with the etheral glam all over the cover of Vogue and Paris fashion runways, we've got you covered for your 2024 "I do's." Subtle sparkle and delicate and refined shine is the ultimate trend for this year and our makeup gurus at BAM are ready to make your bridal glam glow up perfect with customized makeup luminosity specifically tailored for you. 

Whether you're craving a sparkling eyeshadow look that'll have your future hubby’s eyes fixed on yours or a luminous glow with highlighted cheeks and jawbones, we'll nail that coveted look you've been pinning like crazy. 

There's no need to stress about achieving that flawless etheral glow - our  team has every shade in the book to create your dream sultry, romantic vibe. Get ready to radiate pure goddess energy as you strut down the aisle looking like the bridal goddess of everyone's dreams!

Twirl Your Way Into A Balletcore Beauty Look

If you want to go beyond the etheral or natural look but aren’t looking to be completely committed to a Barbie core hot pink, the Balletcore look may be the choice for your bridal makeup style.

Our makeup artists can help you master the ballet baby pink monochrome look with lightly flushed cheeks and soft pink lips that give your look the perfect amount of a rosey hue as you walk down the aisle.

Achieve Bridal Hair That’s Camera Ready

Even though you’re walking down the aisle rather than a red carpet, at your wedding - you’re the star. This is your chance to invest in your bridal hair style and makeup to achieve that move star level hair and makeup look that only those with a full time glam team can achieve. We know one thing for sure- the wedding hair and makeup fashion trend that never goes out of style is the classic Hollywood bombshell look. 

You know what we’re talking about—gorgeous waves flowing down from a flattering hair part slightly to the side creating the ultimate sultry hair that would make even the most composed groom blush. 

If you want a flowing bombshell look, our expert hair stylists have got you covered at BAM. We implement our expert blowout techniques with the best products and tools available to give your hair the boost and lift it needs to leave you camera-ready for the entirety of your day and night.

A Half-Updo That Shows the Most Sophisticated Side of You 

Original half up/half down hair styles are in full force for bridal hair styles in 2024. Whether you want a classic twist or an intricate braided and bountiful look, our expert artists can accomplish any half up look you have in mind. 

If you want a little something extra, BAM carries the most beautiful hair pins, clips, accessories and more to complete your hairstyle with an extra special touch for that extra special moment you say “I do.”

Updos and Top-Knots Are Still the Rage

Updos are a classic and timeless choice for wedding hairstyles and for a good reason. These elegant and sophisticated styles not only complement the formality of the occasion but also offer a practical solution for brides who want their hair to stay perfectly in place until that final song on the dancefloor ends. 

Whether you opt for an intricately woven chignon, a romantic twisted updo adorned with delicate accessories, or a sleek and modern high bun, an updo from BAM ensures that your wedding hair and makeup remain flawless and fuss-free on your special day!


Get Your Bridal Hair and Makeup With BAM

Let’s get real, ladies; your wedding day is the one occasion where you need to look and feel like an absolute queen. That's why BAM Blowouts and Makeup in Plano, Texas, is the ultimate spot to get you and your bridal party dolled up to perfection. 

Our squad of talented makeup artists and hair stylists are true masters at their craft, and they live and breathe the latest bridal hair and makeup trends. 

From flawless full-glam makeup that'll have you glowing brighter than the chandeliers to bouncy, voluminous blowouts that'll make your girls look like they just stepped off the cover of Vogue, we've got you covered. 

We're talking professional luxury products, top-notch techniques, and all the tools and expertise you need to slay on your big day. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today, and let's make some bridal beauty magic happen!

See you soon gorgeous!


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