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Get That Gorgeous Look With BAM Clip-In Hair Extensions

Updated: Mar 19

Do you want glamorous, flowing locks but don't want to commit to waiting on a glow up or invest in expensive permanent extensions? 

Don’t worry, doll, the team at BAM Blowouts and Makeup have you covered. Whether you want clip in extensions for length, volume, or both, we have all the options and colors you could dream of! Our clip-in hair extensions are hands-down the best way to get that bombshell hair you've always dreamed of. Let’s get into why clip-ins from our Plano salon are the superior hair extension choice.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Say Goodbye to Constant Hassle

Unlike tape-in or bonded extensions that require frequent salon visits for installation and maintenance, our clip-in hair extensions can be a one-time experience that gets you in and out, looking like a queen in no time. 

Our hair stylists can quickly section your natural hair, clip the extensions onto the sections close to the roots, blend with your natural hair, and you're done! 

Our clip-in sets come in different widths to help you customize your hair length and thickness. This guarantees you’ll feel like a runway model without multiple visits to a salon that quickly drain your budget for other things that make you feel glam.

Why spend thousands on damaging extensions, when clip in extensions start at just $295 and can last for ages? Instead of having heavy extensions weigh you down, wouldn’t it be better to have an option you can put in and out whenever you want? Our high-quality clip-in hair extensions make that all possible!

Clip-In Hair Extensions Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy

Permanent extensions require gluing, sewing, or fusing extensions to your natural hair. While this semi-permanence may sound fab, the extension damage that accumulates over time can lead to thinning, breakage, and follicle stress. 

However, clip-in hair extensions from BAM help you steer clear of these hair troubles. With our clip-in’s and expert stylists guiding you, your natural hair stays protected underneath our seamlessly blended extensions. 

In fact, giving your locks a break from heat styling by using clip-ins creates healthier hair! The extensions add volume and length while keeping your natural mane strong. Plus, taking them off at night avoids tangling and allows your scalp to breathe.

hair extensions

Wash, Style, and Reuse With Ease

Permanent extensions need special shampoos and styling products to keep from getting ratty but clip-ins can be washed and styled just like natural hair. Wash them separately from your hair using paraben and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

From there, you can let your locks air dry or use a diffuser on low heat to style the perfect look. 

The best part? Since there's no gluing or installation process, you can reuse your clip-ins again and again. You'll get months of wear out of a quality set of extensions from BAM! 

By keeping them looking great with our cruelty-free, naturally-based products, you can feel regal each time you you clip them in! 

Get Any Look You Want 

Clip-in hair extensions let you become a style chameleon that isn’t tied down to one long-term look!

Maybe you want tumbling beachy waves one day and sleek Cher hair the next. No problem! 

Clip-ins provide endless styling versatility. Their weft design moves and blends just like your natural hair so you can curl, straighten, or put them in updos. Permanent extensions don’t offer the flexibility, versatility, and comfort that the BAM clip-ins do. 

Clip-ins also let you get any shade your heart desires without coloring your real hair. Go from blonde to mint green to fiery red all in a week! Express a new side of yourself whenever the mood strikes. Or add pops of color just by clipping in bold streaks. The options are limitless.

Enjoy Immediate Length and Volume  

Dreaming of thick, waist-length locks? Make it happen immediately with clip-ins. No need to slowly extend your hair over months with permanent methods. Clip-in extensions give you instant length, thickness, and fullness. Plus, they're perfect for a night out when you want extra volume and glam. 

BAM Blowouts and Makeup offers quick clip-in services so you can get runway-ready hair in minutes right before a big event. After you get one of our legendary blowouts. add some height, bounce, and shine with clip-ins customized just for you. 

Experience immediate length and volume without the wait of growing your hair out or investing in a permanent look. Talk about hair magic!

Clip In Hair Extensions That Lasts

Get the BAM Glam Treatment With Our Clip-In Hair Extensions Today!

While permanent extensions may be an option, clip-ins provide the same lush locks with more versatility, affordability, and ease. Avoid damage to your natural hair while enjoying the length and volume of your dreams. 

BAM Blowouts and Makeup offers luxury clip-in hair extensions applied by experts along with blowouts, styling, and makeup application services. Treat yourself to our VIP salon experience! Your hair will thank you!

Ready to transform your tresses? Book your BAM hair and makeup session, and get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again! What stunning looks will you try first?

See you soon gorgeous!


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