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Why BAM Clip-In Hair Extensions Are the Best Choice to Help Avoid Common Extension Damage

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

With Extensions Without Extensions

Hair extensions can be a great way to add length, volume, and style to your hair. However, they do come with some potential problems if they are not of the best quality or installed properly. At BAM, we are experts in styling all sorts of extensions. However, at BAM, we love our clip-in extensions the most because of their versatility, quality, and flexibility.

The beauty of BAM’s clip-in extensions is that they give you all of the advantages of length, volume, color, and style choices with none of the same concerns about damage to your natural hair. BAM’s 100% Remy double-drawn human hair is a breeze to install with lightweight silicone clips that are seamless and are just as easy to take out at the end of the day or night as they are to snap in. BAM’s clip-in extensions come in a variety of lengths, up to 22 inches long, and in a wide array of colors ranging from solid black, to platinum blonde, to silver, with a variety of highlighted styles in between.

At BAM Beauty Bar, we make it our goal to have every experience we give our clients, leaving them feeling and looking their best. Let’s get into some of the most common issues we’ve seen clients experience with hair extensions and how our professionals have helped overcome them!

The Top 4 Problems with Other Types of Hair Extensions:

1-Hair Damage

Whether they are tape-in extensions, sew-in extensions, keratin tips or any other type of extensions, there is an added risk of damage to the hair. This is because any permanent or semi-permanent bond added to the hair can leave lasting damage if it is not installed properly, styled with care, or maintained when it is time for removal.

At BAM our stylists are experts at working with and styling all types of hair extensions. Whatever type of extensions you have, rest assured that our BAM experts will take the utmost care with styling your extensions.

Hair damage from non-clip in extensions is a major concern. The bonds and tension of permanent or semi-permanent extensions can break and pull out your natural hair over time. This damage can be irreversible.

Rest assured, our experts will only apply clip-in extensions to hair in healthy condition. Putting your hair in our stylist’s experienced hands ensures a professional result every time.

This extra TLC helps protect your natural hair and keeps it beautiful and full even after you’re done with your extensions.


While tangling is something you generally won’t experience with clip-in extensions from BAM, it does happen with other types of hair extensions.

Hands down, tangling is one of the biggest complaints when it comes to other types of hair extensions, and it’s easy to see why our long-haired beauties can get so tied up in a knot about it!

When your hair has extensions, the added hair can easily become tangled with your natural hair, causing frustrating knots and even damage when trying to brush through to achieve your perfect look.

To prevent tangling, we always thoroughly brush your hair before styling. We settle you into our chair, get you relaxed, brush from the bottom, and work our way up gently.

With any type of extensions, you can avoid tangles by using a wide-tooth comb to carefully detangle in the mornings or after a refreshing shower.

As far as your evening routine, always avoid going to bed with wet extensions, as this can exacerbate tangling. We also suggest using a moisturizing spray and silk pillowcase to help minimize friction overnight.

With clip-in extensions, you don’t have this worry at all because you can pop them out whenever you want and not have to worry about it!


Shedding is another nuisance that those with non-clip in extensions have to worry about. With our wide variety of clip-in extensions in our Dallas salon, you won’t have to worry about that.

With other types of extensions, your extension’s bonds often start to loosen at the attachment points, and strands begin to fall out, which can leave you with a patchy, uneven look.

This can happen anytime, but especially when extensions are left in without proper care or if they were installed improperly.

At BAM, we don’t believe in premature shedding. Our clip-in extensions are made with the highest-quality human hair to achieve a strong, luxurious look that can be used over and over again. In fact, our extensions last over several years with proper care.

However, a quality extension product and installation only gets you so far. That’s why we always recommend our BAM beauties to invest in a membership for professional blowout styling of their hair with extensions so they can avoid damage with overwashing, harsh brushing, and excessive heat styling without protective products. As an added bonus, we waive the extension upcharge of $20 per visit when you sign up for a membership resulting in significant savings on your blowouts and added longevity for your extensions! Self-care with a fabulous looking result! What a win!

4-Improper Maintenance

With clip-in extensions, maintenance is much easier. However, with other types of extensions, once they are in your head, the care has just begun!

Extension maintenance is key to avoiding tiny problems that could quickly add up and cramp your style. Remember, with non-clip-in extensions, as your hair grows out, the excess weight and tension from other types of extensions which are bonded into hair could damage your hair and scalp. Getting your extensions moved up as your natural hair grows out is also key to preventing damage.

Using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner made for extensions is critical. BAM’s luxury, cruelty-free hair care line, which is made in America, is perfect for this! These shampoos can help to optimize your scalp, hydrate your hair and strengthen and maximize the shelf life of your extensions. Follow up your shampoo with a leave-in conditioner or serum to keep hair hydrated and soft.

Be prepared to put a little extra investment into your self-care routine to properly care for your extensions and keep them looking like new for weeks. That’s why we always recommend our BAM beauties invest in a membership for professional blowout styling without any of the hassles of worrying about the best way to maintain and style your hair with extensions.

Give Your Hair the Lush Length You Crave at BAM Beauty Bar

While extensions can elevate your style, they do require some caution and upkeep. Getting the best result with the least amount of damage and cost is key to our hair extension philosophy.

At BAM Beauty Bar, we keep your hair looking its best with expert styling of any type of extensions you have. Our BAM clip-in extensions are the optimal choice as they are made from the finest quality human hair that gives you a beautiful, natural result that lasts.

Whether you want a little extra length for a special event or dream of that mermaid hair that flows in the breeze every day, your journey to the ultimate hair extension, glam starts with BAM.

Ensuring your hair extensions achieve the results you want starts with scheduling an appointment at BAM.

Book today and we’ll see you soon, gorgeous!


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