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Halloween Glam 

Expert Makeup and Hair


Scarry or Pretty Fairy

We have you covered!

Whether you are looking for super scary Halloween special effects makeup and hair or something etheral like a pretty little unicorn fairy, we have you covered!

Creative Ideas

Feeling a bit glam and ghoulish?

Our team of expert hair and makeup artists can give you the best of both worlds with a Halloween look that shows off your glam side as well!


Glam for the Whole Crew

Bring your friends for double the fun!

No matter what style you and your friends have in mind, we can accomplish any Halloween looks you can dream of! Just bring your friends and get ready for the most fun you've ever had getting glam for Halloween!

Bring your props!

Hats or Headpieces Welcome

Whether it's a pirate hat, a cleopatra headpiece, a unicorn horn or anything in between, we can make your Halloween glam complete! Don't be afraid to be creative with your accessories and if you have none, don't worry we have plenty of our own!

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