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Where To Get Prom Hair & Makeup Done

Prom night is coming faster than you know it, and if you haven't started thinking about how you’ll win the court over with your hair and makeup, now's the time. 

Booking your appointments at the right salon can make all the difference in achieving prom hair and makeup that perfectly complements your outfit and leaves you feeling like royalty. 

For flawless hair and makeup looks for Prom that will make it a night to remember for anyone who sees you, look no further than BAM Blowouts and Makeup in Dallas, Texas.

Our hair and makeup artists have the experience and tools to keep up with any prom hair and makeup trends you want to use to make your date feel like a king (Even if he wasn’t nominated).

prom hair and makeup

BAM Masters The Hottest Prom Makeup Trends Of 2024

Regarding prom makeup ideas, 2024 is about embracing bold and glamorous looks that showcase your unique style. Our prom makeup ideas stem from looks you could have seen in any international Vogue article or on the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Here’s a small glimpse into the glam world we offer at BAM, where every tool and color is available to help you look and feel your best as you dance the night away with your gals and pals!

Dazzling Metallics

Prom is all about the entrance you make when you waltz into the venue. A high-pigmented metallic eyeshadow that covers your whole eyelid is a look that will have all eyes on you! 

We’ve seen this look across catwalks this year and know that bold eyeshadows and highlighters are having a major moment this year. Whether you opt for a striking gold or a sultry bronze, our makeup application experience will give your look an instant touch of luxury.

Luscious Lip Color

While classic nude lips still reign supreme, you can’t go wrong with a perfectly picked bold lip color as well. After all, you will have these photos that last a lifetime so you only get one shot to look your best on prom night! 

Whether you want to go for a Margot Robbie Barbie Pink, an Old Hollywood classic Red, a Kardashian worthy Nude, or a deep, vampy hue, we think a statement lip is the perfect way to add a pop of color and glamorous drama to your prom look.

prom makeup

Effortless Looking All Natural Makeup Glam

The perfect complement for your fit is the perfectly styled hair and makeup! Whether you opt for a natural makeup look that lets your dress speak for itself or a full glam goddess vibe, we’ve got you covered! 

Going for a natural glow is all the rage, and we can help you achieve the most gorgeous natural look while still getting the luxury makeup products you need to ensure your prom makeup lasts all night long.

Our makeup artists can accentuate your best features with our luxury line of foundation colors until you have the perfect coverage for a gorgeous, natural look.

Blowouts and Gorgeous Hairstyles That Complement Your Prom Look

Prom hair and makeup go hand-in-hand. We get that at BAM Blowouts and Makeup. That’s why we make both luxuries available to clients who book a session at our Dallas beauty bar.

Thanks to our stellar blowout process, we’ve mastered the art of creating stunning styles that last.

Sleek and Polished Updo

Known by BAM aficionados as “The Ballroom,” we believe this classic updo is always a beautiful choice for prom. From elegant chignons to intricate braided styles, we can do it all in an updo that keeps your hair off your face and allows your makeup to dazzle your date.

Glamorous Blowout Waves (Beachy, Bombshell, Babe)

For a more relaxed yet incredibly chic look, opt for luscious, glamorous waves that embody the fashion statements you’d find at the latest box office premiere in Hollywood. 

This style adds instant volume and movement to your hair and is perfect for those who want to showcase their flowing luscious locks.

Accessorized Styles

Take your hairstyle to the next level by incorporating stunning accessories like jeweled headbands, floral clips, or sparkling hair vines. At BAM, a perfect look is all about the final touches. That’s why we offer accessories you can add to your hair or total look that equate to small touches that can make a big impact on your prom fashion statements.

What Makes BAM Blowouts and Makeup The Perfect Prom Destination?

When deciding where to get hair and makeup done for prom in Dallas, there isn’t another choice that beats what you get from BAM Blowouts and Makeup. 

Our blow dry and beauty bar specializes in blowouts and makeup services, making us the ideal destination for all your prom beauty needs in one convenient and glamorous location. 

Our stylists and makeup artists craft beautiful, long-lasting hairstyles and flawless makeup looks that ensure your aesthetic is on point on prom night.

Unlike traditional salons, BAM solely focuses on blowouts and makeup, ensuring you receive specialized attention and service on the most important details.

Our chic and welcoming atmosphere at BAM provides the perfect setting for you and your friends to unwind and enjoy a pampering experience before the big night.

prom hair and makeup in Dallas TX

Book Your Prom Beauty Session Today Before Time Runs Out!

The clock is ticking, and you don't want to leave your prom look up to chance when spots fill up! Book your appointment at BAM Blowouts and Makeup today, and let our stylists help you achieve the stunning hair and prom makeup looks you've dreamed of. With our expertise and your style, you're sure to turn heads and make unforgettable memories on prom night 2024.


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