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Inspired Holiday Hair and Makeup Glam with BAM

The holidays are swiftly approaching, and it’s almost time to gather with family and friends, indulge in holiday feasts, and be merry. It's also a time when we want to look our very best for all those festive holiday parties and photos.

Dress to impress with the essential finishing touch of perfect hair and makeup application applied by our expert artists at BAM Beauty Bar.

Instead of stressing about holiday hair and makeup, just relax with a complimentary glass of champagne and leave it to the professionals at BAM who will make sure you are gorgeous, glamorous, confident, and ready to celebrate the holidays to their fullest!

The Blowout Benefit

While you can do your hair at home, it’s never quite as enjoyable and long lasting as the perfect blowout by BAM. Not only do our stylists make sure you look great for your event, but your style can last 3 days or more with proper care. So not only will you save time and energy, you’ll get the blowout benefit for multiple days and events.

Hairstylists at our Dallas and Plano blowout bar are true hair artists who have all the right tools, techniques, and expertise to give you the exact look you want. Whether, it’s a smooth blowout, perfect curls, or complicated updo styles, our stylists can make your holiday glam dreams come true.

Our expert touch can give you the hairstyle you want to turn heads this holiday season. Here’s a closer look at some key benefits of getting a professional blowout styling at our Dallas or Plano beauty bar locations.

Long-Lasting Styles

With the help of our luxury BAM couture and BALMAIN professional products and our top-of-the-line styling tools, your holiday hairstyle can stay picture-perfect for hours without frizz, falling, or flyaways. Whether you’re looking for that perfect effortless glam blowout to or want the full glam knockout look with clip-in extensions, we have you covered so you’ll get the holiday hair look you’ve dreamt of and can enjoy the holidays with confidence!

On-Trend and Bespoke Glamorous Looks

Our stylists are experts with the know-how to accomplish the latest trends to give you a wow-worthy, head-turning style. Show-stopping braids, chic updos, bountiful curls, or va-voom volume, we can create gorgeous locks you'll love.

Whether you have something specific in mind or want our artist's expertise for a fully bespoke look that can highlight flattering face-framing styles, accentuate your hair type, or create a whole new desired look, we’ve got you covered. Full customization is our game, and we’re prepared to give you a personalized holiday hairdo you adore.

The Artistry of Professional Makeup

Flawless hair is only complete with flawless makeup to match. So, why not get all of your looks done at once at our gorgeous Dallas or Plano beauty bar?

Rather than struggle with not-so-perfect makeup at home, treat yourself to pampering with our experienced MUAs, who will complete your look for the next party or holiday date night!

Our artists do more than just apply the best makeup products! We combine the best products in the game with years of expertise in specialized techniques to bring out your best features.

From contouring to color correction to highlighting and perfectly applying those bat-worthy false lashes that bring out your beauty, our MUAs' achieve truly glamorous holiday looks for the books!

Luxury Products

When you trust BAM Beauty Bar with your holiday event makeup, you have access to a vast variety of top-of-the-line cosmetics colors, palettes, and tools that you likely don't have at home.

High-pigment shadows, waterproof liners, gorgeous glitters, and stay-put lipsticks from our personal, cruelty-free, luxury line mean your holiday look will last, even after hours of celebrating! The best part is, you can take any of the products you fall in love with home for you as they are available for purchase.

We Make Booking Both Services Convenient

When you need to get both hair and makeup done for the next Dallas gala, we save you time and hassle. With BAM Beauty Bar, there is no need to travel between appointments. You can get both professional services done seamlessly in one place.

We Offer a Luxe Salon Experience

Beyond our skill and tools, our people make the experience dream-worthy. The stylists and artists at BAM Beauty Bar deliver ultra-pampering services in a gorgeous, welcoming setting that has been called “The Prettiest Place to Get Pretty” in Dallas by D Magazine. You get to enjoy a beautiful environment with a complimentary glass of champagne while our team treats you like the star you are while getting glam with BAM.

Group Services

Whether you're looking for a blowout with your besties, updos for a holiday wedding, full makeup applications for your besties on your birthday, or want to host a beauty bar event with some holiday sparkle, we can take care of your whole group with special holiday hair and makeup group rates. Book exactly what you need to look and feel fabulous.

Ring in the Holidays With BAM Beauty Bar

If you're in the Dallas area, look no further than BAM Beauty Bar for show-stopping holiday hair and makeup. Our experts offer top-quality styling and artistry in a convenient, luxury setting.

This holiday season, don't settle for just any hair and makeup! Treat yourself to a luxe, professional beauty experience that leaves you looking and feeling your absolute best! Contact BAM Beauty Bar today to book your holiday hair and makeup.

Our hairstylists and makeup artists can't wait to pamper you and help you look and feel amazing for all your holiday celebrations. See you soon, gorgeous!


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